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We're putting deep learning in the hands of everyone.

With Astrum, you can build AI systems with no prior experience.
Simply upload training footage, and detect objects of interest - the way it should be done - completely code free.

how it works

Build state of the art AI systems, within a few clicks.

We can help identifying relevant data, and curating datasets for you
At this stage, we use genetic algorithms to build a custom brain for your dataset.
Make predictions directly in your browser, or download the model in various formats.

Automate your workflows, increase your bottomline.

Train deep learning models to automate tasks with near human-level accuracy. Whether it's analysis on financial data, reading comments on yelp to determine sentiment, or even detecting error in high power grid sensors -
Deep learning models can be trained to produce accurate results, at fractions of the cost of labor.

It's 2020. Everyone should be able to build AI systems without code.

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